Hello August


Oh my GOSH! I can't believe it's already August...August 10th to be exact. I know I haven't blogged in a looooooooong time but please forgive me! Life has been CRAZY. I feel like I'm just now getting a chance to breathe but that's a joke because school is starting SO so soon. This blog is going to be just an update on our Alaska life if you're curious to what we've been up to this last month and a half!

We moved out of our house in El Paso, TX on July 30th. Our movers came a week before that and packed everything up so we slept in our house on the floor for a week. Good times. I thought I could handle it because I normally have no issues falling asleep.... nope. That floor was NOT comfortable lol. But we made the best of it and we were so excited to be moving out of TX that we didn't really care. Flying with our two cats and our stressed out dog was terrifying too... but to make a super long flight mishap story short...we all made it safe and sound.

When we first got to Alaska, I mainly just had feelings of excitement. I was thrilled to have a teaching position already (with my teacher bestie too!) and a house that we had already set up and finalized (we're just renting). It's so much less stressful when you already have a job lined up and don't have to worry about interviewing or looking for houses every minute of the day. The weather the weekend we moved here was BEAUTIFUL. I'm talking we moved here during the nicest weekend of the entire year lol- we just lucked out in that sense! It was 70's and gorgeous sunshine with beautiful mountains everywhere! I still can't believe we get to live here.


After that first initial weekend (we had to stay with friends while our house was being cleaned for a couple of days) we finally got to move in. Our house is 45 minutes away from my work and my husbands work. LOTS of driving is involved but the commute is breathtaking and honestly...it is what it is. We already knew it was a far drive and to us, it was worth making the drive. My husband didn't want to live on base (he didn't want to LIVE at work), and the city of Anchorage is not the best as far as safety is concerned. Pro's and Con's of living far away for sure, but overall- we're extremely happy here! Our little town is the cutest and I'm in love with our neighborhood! Although were pretty far from Anchorage- we still have lots of stores close by. Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target, Lowes, Michaels, Joann's, etc and a ton of restaurants...

A couple days after we got here we got my JEEP! I'm obsessed. I had no car since we had to sell my old Hyundai before we left and I'd been waiting for this moment for a long time. I have wanted a Jeep forEVER and we finally made that happen! We still have to get my husband a "beater with a heater" as he says, for the winter lol. His Camaro is NOT going to cut it here when the roads start getting snowy and icy!



We immediately started adventuring when we got here...First we went hiking up Pepper Peak and YA'LL ...I almost died. IT WAS SO FREAKING HARD. I was seriously out of breath and it humbled me REAL QUICK LOL. I'm still traumatized!! But, here is the view from the top and it was AMAZING!



Next, we went on a 3 hour float trip up the Kenai river and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The rive is a gorgeous turquoise color and we saw a TON of bald eagles!


This was on the way back from Cooper Landing at Beluga pointe. So pretty!

This was on the way back from Cooper Landing at Beluga pointe. So pretty!

Our household goods didn't come until a couple of weeks ago and honestly we still have a few boxes to unpack...but i'm okay with it. I immediately unpacked the kitchen and everything except for a few boxes of our clothes (I have way too many and clearly should go through them asap). It feels SO GOOD to have a house and a couch and a TV! Wow the things we take for granted on a daily basis. 

I repainted the room I'm using as my office to a gray color (it was an ugly blue before). It's my favorite place in the house now! I bought some furniture and made it super cozy, and now I just want to create ALL day lol. I've been using my Cricut more now since we finally got all of our stuff and it's SO fun to be able to make all the things! I've already made a bunch of big quotes for my classroom.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and here we are. Now i'm getting ready for school to begin and trying to set up my classroom. It's so much work to move classroom's every 2 years...WHEW. I'm thankful I have had plenty of time to do a little bit each day and not feel SUPER overwhelmed. What is the craziest is that Tracie and I are literally RIGHT next door to each other. What are the odds that the same teacher I taught 1st grade with in Washington state, would end up teaching at the same school as me 3 years later... in ALASKA?!?! So freaking cool.



I'm almost done with the basics for now, but really want to start planning for the year. This is my first year in Kindergarten and I'm definitely unsure of what to expect. I LOVE littles and first grade totally has my heart, so i'm hoping I'll fall in love with Kinder too! Here's to a GREAT school year :) Teachers report back the 15th which is NEXT WEEK! Ahhhh. I feel like school just got out :-)

I just wanted to give a quick little update on why I have been so MIA lately! I've still been posting on my instagram so make sure to follow me there if you haven't already (I love IG stories!) @teachersgonestrong. 

with lots of love,


*These posters below are from @hanginwithmrshulsey ! I have her classroom decor pack from TPT and I'm in loveeee!!

Brooklyn Peterson