My Workout Must Haves!

I don't know about you but there are a few things that make me A LOT more motivated when it comes to getting a great workout in! Are these things totally necessary? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But, just a like a new workout outfit can help- these are my must haves for the gym!


1. Comfortable SHOES!

My husband got me these Puma's as a random gift when he was buying me the Nike Metcon's I had asked for for Christmas!  These were on sale and he said the color caught his eye (I have them in a maroon color)! These are now my FAVORITE shoes to lift in and just to wear everyday! They are SO soft. They have a memory foam on the bottom and they seriously feel like I'm walking on clouds!


Here are some other colors I found online! They are only $59.99-$65.00 and worth EVERY PENNY!

2. Apple Watch

I actually do not think the Apple Watch is always accurate as far as calories burned (just from my own knowledge and what I've read online) BUT I do like it to monitor heart rate and just keep track of my workouts! It has so many awesome features and I really enjoy it!

I have used a fitbit before but didn't like it near as much as I love my apple watch!

3. WIRELESS HEADPHONES! Definitely an investment but SO WORTH IT!


Wireless headphones are amazing for working out. You don't have to worry about having your phone connected to anything (I usually just put it next to the bench when I'm lifting or in the treadmill/stairmaster cup holder). Before I would have to have my phone in an arm band and that is so annoying lol. #firstworldproblems


What's a good workout with good music to help get you through it?! I LOVE listening to music while I lift (I usually listen to podcasts while I do cardio). I have spotify which is awesome because you can download any song for free for a small monthly charge.

Right now I'm all about workout playlists and I've been LOVING Whitney Simmons' Gymshark playlist on spotify! It's BOMB. I like rap for working out so I love anything of that sort ;)

5. PODCASTS for cardio!

Podcasts are my new favorite thing. I feel like I am ALWAYS listening to a podcast. It's so easy to listen while you are working out, cleaning house-- whatever. I like to listen when I'm doing cardio. I prefer entrepreneurial/business/motivational podcasts so I'm going to list my top 4! (This is hard ). I highly recommend looking for other podcasts that interest YOU if you aren't into the topics I named above!

1. MFCEO Project -- all time fav and has been for awhile. Andy is also the CEO of 1st Phorm and his podcast is filled with practical information on how to stop being a lazy shit and I love how real he is!!



2. ANGIE LEE SHOW-- Angie is so inspiring and basically a marketing QUEEN! I love her positivity and just overall amazing attitude.



3. BUCCI RADIO-- I'm not going to lie, when I first heard of Amanda Bucci she used to be all about fitness and bikini competitions. Then she started going the entrepreneur route and charging what I thought was a CRAP TON for her courses/masterminds. Then I woke up and realized shes a freaking boss babe and makes 7 figures at 24 she knows what she's talking about! SHE IS AWESOME! Her podcasts has really opened my mind about so many things!!



4. Jenna Kutcher GOAL DIGGER podcast!

Jenna's workshop style podcast episodes are so informative and inspirational!  I get so excited when another episode comes out!


AND LAST...but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST (realistically this should have been first but whatevs)


I'm a big fan. Some people hate it, some people love it- that's fine. For me, after teaching all day- it's a MUST. I'm not afraid to admit it lol. My favorite is Grape Popsicle Project 1! It's SOOO good and gives me all the summer popsicle vibes! I mix it with 6-8 ounces of water!

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pre workout.PNG


I hope that was helpful!! After talking about all of those I'm ready to go workout LOL!



Brooklyn Peterson