New YEAR New YOU Fitness Challenge!

8 WEEKS group training challenge: $150

*Home or Gym Training Plan (Includes Sets, Reps & Rest Times),
*Weekly Check-Ins/ Email Support *, Weekly Zoom Calls with the team, Mini Challenges throughout with prizes, Grocery Guide, Supplement Guide, Nutrition Guide, Your personalized macros and a Grand Prize winner (Will receive $150 cash or FREE entry into the next challenge!)

Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching


*Customized Training Plan (Includes Sets, Reps & Rest Times)
*Weekly Check-Ins/ Email Support
*Cardio Guidelines


Macro Consultation

One Time Macro Consultation: $50

*Individual Calculated Macros - One Adjustment if needed
*Intro To IIFYM/Flexible Dieting Guide
*Sample Grocery List


Teachers Gone Strong Fit Guide

Ebook: $75

*Nutrition/IIFYM Guide- Gives you everything you need to know about what macros are and how to track your own! 
*9 weeks (a semester long) of workouts (2 different splits + a push/pull/legs split at the end!) 
*All workouts linked to videos so you know exactly what to do! *


30 Day At-Home Workout

ebook: $25 


*30 Days of 30 challenging workouts
*Minimal equipment necessary
*HIIT cardio recommendations
*Full Email/Text Support