She'll Know

My daughter won’t remember your face, but I’ll show her every single picture and video.

My daughter won’t remember how much you loved her, but I’ll be sure to tell her.

I’ll tell her how you called often to check on me after birth and how every text message was asking how she was doing.

I’ll tell her that you told everyone around you about her, and that you were SO proud to be her grandpa.

I’ll tell tell her that even though you felt bad from the cancer, you wore your “Best Grandpa Ever” shirt with pride.

She’ll know.

R.I.P Dad, I love you. 06/18/47-010/03/19

I wish so badly it didn’t have to be this way but God had other plans. I’m so glad you’re no longer in pain but I already miss you so much :( Thank you for being the best father I could have ever asked for. Even though you’re gone, I know you’re still here. You’re forever in my heart. <3

Brooklyn Peterson