Client Testimonials

Pushing you farther than you've imagined to reach your goals!

I had never joined a challenge or boot camp group, but I definitely chose the right one to try out! I have loved working with Brooklyn and the other ladies every step of the way. Brooklyn does an amazing job of fostering community between us AND of building a relationship with each of us! She’s super available, so I was able to reach out to her with any questions I had. As someone who has really only done cardio for the past 5 or 6 years, I am also really enjoying the challenging workouts Brooklyn designs! I can’t stop admiring the muscles I’m seeing in places that haven’t had muscle in a long time! If you’re on the fence about trying a challenge group, you can’t go wrong with one of Brooklyn’s!
— Katlin S.

I have struggled with my weight for too many years to count. Being in Brooklyn’s Summer Boot Camp for teachers has been the catalyst I need to finally take my fitness journey seriously! With Brooklyn’s guidance, I have learned to count macros and lift weights. I am finally making my health a priority! The program that Brooklyn has designed is top notch! It includes calculated macros, gym and home work-out plans, and a private Facebook page where she addresses all things health and fitness. Being a part of this community of teachers who are also striving toward the goal of a healthier lifestyle provides the accountability and external motivation to keep me focused on the next step in my fitness journey.
Brooklyn is genuinely interested in seeing each of her clients succeed! She is encouraging and motivating with daily challenges to keep me focused on my goals. Since joining Brooklyn’s Summer Bootcamp for Teachers, I can finally see myself living a healthy lifestyle for LIFE. The goals I have dreamed for myself are finally becoming a reality! The beauty of what Brooklyn teaches is that this is a LIFESTYLE and not just a diet. With this program, you really can have your cake … and eat it too!
— Rebecca C.

I have been consistently going to the gym for a few years but had hit a plateau. After following Brooklyn on social media for awhile I decided to join her Spring Challenge. I am so glad I did! I lost 4 inches, toned all over, and increased my overall strength! I am currently doing her summer boot camp and continuing to see progress! She designs workouts that are challenging, but fun, and her nutrition plans are easy to follow. Her challenges are affordable and the group mentality holds you accountable. She is friendly, motivating, and overall dedicated to helping her clients meet their health goals. I
would highly recommend Brooklyn to anyone looking to change up their nutrition or exercise routine!
— Katie S.
I have worked with trainers online before but no one has made my health journey a priority like Brooklyn. She combines her knowledge of various training methods and nutrition with an overwhelming enthusiastic commitment to her clients. No matter the questions I had or goals I was chasing, Brooklyn provided a comprehensive and engaging plan to help me meet my goals. Over the past two years she has helped me lose and maintain a weight loss of 90 pounds and helped me train for a half marathon. Brooklyn dedicates herself to her clients to ensure that they have the tools to make lifelong changes in their lives. Not to mention her friendly and outgoing personality will have you pushing yourself harder than you ever thought was possible. She makes each workout challenging but more importantly, enjoyable! I am so lucky to have found Brooklyn and wholeheartedly recommended her to anyone who is looking to make themselves a priority and take control of their physical and emotional wellbeing.
— Amy D.
I can’t thank you enough for all your help through this challenge, Brooklyn. I know that I didn’t really ask too many questions, but it was very important to me to stay active in our Facebook group, doing my workouts, and getting my check-in to you on time. If you would have told me 8 weeks ago that I would be down a total of 4 inches off my waist I would have laughed at you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! Honestly, I can’t say it enough. I feel like I am getting my old self back and even though that damn scale isn’t moving, I stuck with it. This is is important for people to know and see my pictures, because you can see a difference even though that scale barely changed. You are a rock star Brooklyn, and I will forever be grateful for you and this challenge. My new life has just begun!
— Mary C.
I’ve never been a confident person and always tried to find a way to not wear a bikini and when I would have to, I’d always wear something that covered me. I just got done shopping and I literally left empty handed, because I loved how everything looked! I couldn’t decide! I am loving this new confidence!
— Katie O.
This has been such a wonderful journey for me! I embraced it, because when I joined the challenge, I was a size 10 and I hated how I looked. Now I can fit back into my size 4’s, my shirts are no longer larges, but smalls! Everyone compliments me on how well I look, my skin tone is so much brighter!
On the inside, I have become stronger, more self confident, and making great eating choices, and I’m able to say no with ease. I will continues working out, and tracking my food. I will indulge in a cheat day every week, but I am continuing with this lifestyle, because it agrees with me!
I have loved al the encouraging words and motivation. Brooklyn has been a godsend for me, always motivating me with her badass attitude, and patience when I have questions. Brooklyn and Katie are a great team, and I love you both…thank you!!! I love my new and improved self and I think we are all winners!
— Suzanne W.
When I first started out, I hated counting calories and tracking macros was NEVER on my to-do list. Since being in contact with Brooklyn, I have never seen it to be easier than it actually is! OnceI started going, it got so much easier. I look at everything now! The workouts she gives me really adhere to my needs and my body!
Brooklyn has introduced me to a whole new side of myself I never expected to see. She has given me so much confidence and changed my outlook for good!
I have had a personal trainer before, but nobody who has given me lifelong changes like Brooklyn has!
— Madison B.