Brooklyn's Mission

My mission for Teachers Gone Strong is to be a platform that inspires other teachers to be the BEST version of themselves. I will help you burn fat, build muscle and HEAL your relationship with food!

By providing you with effective workouts and educating you on nutrition, I will show you that you DO have the time to take care of yourself inside and out, you just need to FIND it. 

As a full time teacher, I know how busy and stressed you are. I also know that you will be able to serve those around you SO MUCH MORE when your own cup is full. 



You are WORTH IT.


I strongly believe that with determination that stems from within, support from others and an open mind about about fitness and nutrition, you can achieve ANYTHING!

It will probably seem scary and overwhelming at the start...but your longterm HEALTH and HAPPINESS is beyond worth any temporary feelings of the unknown!

Let me help you take the first step today. I promise you won't look back!